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Company Profile

Established in November 2013, CGNPC International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd (CGNIFL) is founded by a Hong Kong-based wholly owned subsidiary of China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN). Registered in Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone with a registered capital of RMB 1 billion, CGNIFL is now managed by China General Nuclear Capital Management Co., Ltd.

Upon its inception, CGNIFL has worked out a consummate business development plan through rigorous market research. Relying on the industrial expertise of the parent company, CGNIFL focuses on direct lease, after-sale leaseback, vendor lease and other financing and leasing offerings for state-owned, listed and premium private companies. Benchmarked against the risk control system of banks and industry leaders, CGNIFL has built a three-prong risk control system managing credit, market and operational risks. CGNIFL has built sound relationships with state-owned, joint stock and foreign commercial banks and developed diversified financing channels. As of June 2015, CGNIFL has leased RMB 2 billion for customers with multi-billion-worth reserve projects. With a steady and accelerated take-off, CGNIFL is expected to expand its business to over RMB 10 billion within 3 years, catapulting itself to the leading rank in the sector.
Business Philosophy

Integrity & Professionalism for Reciprocal Progress

Business Scope

Clean Energy Sector


solar electrical energy

wind power generation
clean thermal power

Energy Saving Sector

solid waste treatment
sewerage treatment
environment restoration
recycling economy
new energy vehicles
energy efficiency improvement

Public Service Sector

railway transportation
heat supply
water supply
electricity supply
gas supply
medical treatment

Other Equipment Sector

manufacturing equipment
transportation equipment

energy-saving detection

construction & installation

Business Contact
Contact Person:Miss Liu
Tel:0755-8861 5816
Contact Person
Miss Li
0755-8367 1312
0755-8258 0131
Room 1218, China Nuclear Building, No. 2002, Shennanzhong Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
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